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Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss usually begins unnoticed. Even simple conversations can be very tiring for people with hearing loss. Many facets of everyday life become increasingly more difficult. Conversations with loved ones, meetings, phone calls and watching TV can be particularly challenging. In many cases, people with hearing loss will withdraw and become socially isolated. Their quality of life diminishes noticeably. Hearing loss can have many causes. But in most cases, hearing loss can be addressed successfully.

Take the first step

Make a self estimation of your hearing

  • Do people seem to be mumbling?

  • Do you have to turn up the volume on the TV or radio?

  • Do you find it easier to understand a man’s voice compared to a woman’s or a child’s voice?

  • Do you find it difficult to hear the doorbell or the telephone ring?

  • When you are in a group or in a crowded restaurant, is it difficult for you to follow the conversation?

  • Do you tend to limit your social activities because it’s difficult to hear and communicate?

  • Has somebody close to you mentioned that you may have a problem with your hearing?

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of the questions, speak to a hearing care professional to have your hearing tested more thoroughly and get advice. 

To do a professional hearing test, please contact an hearing expert near you.

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